Research and Development

In the framework of a technology-oriented start-ups with the cooperation partners, CiS Erfurt and the TU Ilmenau a modular dew point measurement system was developed and introduced as an innovative product.

After more than twenty years with over 60 employees, and about one-third of high - and professional students, this strategic concept has proven itself. Together with scientific institutions, partners and potential customers, over 100 projects were developed for glass feedthroughs as packaging for the UV disinfection technology and the humidity measurement to the technology and product development.

This hermetically sealed, insulated electrical feedthroughs, glass-to metal seals, cooling or heat discharges as a result of heat sinks, designed heatpipes are connected for specific products or specific applications innovative construction and connection technologies, application-specific configurations or application-ready modules.


This includes the sealing technology with standard glass, glass/ceramic mixing glasses, glass solders, direct glassing and connection with highly corrosion-resistant metal alloys, stainless steels, laser welding, the soft and brazing, immersion Tin, pouring, the partial finishing with nickel and used gold layers, the integration of optical and radio components and micro/nano-integration.

Outstanding examples of these developments are dew-point hygrometer and modules, dew point sensors according to different principles, relative humidity applications, partly as radio module for building diagnostics, construction climate monitoring and prevention of mold, a water activity measurement system for food monitoring, components with integrated, some UV-permeable, optical measuring Windows for UV water disinfection systems, meat needle probes or for Raman and ion mobility spectroscopy.