Glass feedthroughs


Common design and system integration:
special glass feedthroughs, which usually consist of a pressure body, contact pin(s) and a glass body (isolator), can be designed according to the intended use.
The integration in complex technological applications, e.g. measurement heads or sensors, is realizable through soldering, adhering, welding or screwing, according to the respective application case. The handling of high processed steel and new raw materials like titanium and tantalum also belongs to the scope of work as well as the use of technical glass and high power ceramics. A  company internal surface processing of the contact pins and/or the lateral areas of special glass feedthroughs simplify the connection through soldering, plug-in or bonding.

Customized development and production:
Our specialist engineers will work on individual adjusted solutions together with the customer’s developers. The design possibilities in form and execution to fully assembled construction groups satisfy even most demanding applications. The high production depth in the company in a short and transparent supply chain guarantees safe and controlled processes. Both samples and serial quantities exceeding 300,000 units per year can be produced.

Technical parameters:
The following parameters can be achieved according to current state of the art:

Outer diameter 5.. 150 mm

high temperature resistance > 450 ° C

high compressive strength > 4500 bar

high chemical resistance

absolute gas tightness 1 * 10-9 mbar l / s

high dielectric strength > 2 kV

high electrical Riso > 1 TΩ

Mathematical models are based on the development of glass and ceramic feedthrough. The derived concept sets the applicable technologies. The achievement of the parameters required by the customer is ensured by a deep tiered and proven quality system.