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Innovator of the year 2018

In the annual ranking of the business magazine "brand eins" in cooperation with Statista, we were ranked as one of the 496 most innovative German companies. As a company, we strive to drive innovation, to offer our customers the best possible products and services. You can find us in the category "Electronics & Electrical, Automation & Measurement". Further information on the ranking can be found HERE..


Recent product updates

ILMCom USB Interface
The ILMCom-USB-Interface offers the connection of a RS485-sensor bus to a PC with USB-interface.
KUV 2.4
The UV reference instrument KUV 2.4 WR provides monitoring of UV applications for drinking water disinfection.
DUV 14
The signal monitor DUV 14, in combination with UV sensors of various types, is designed for monitoring UV radiation sources.
DUV 27
The UV monitor DUV27 is the first type from a new series of UV monitors with enhanced functional range.